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Accolade Intelligent Provider Matching: Find the right doctor for you

Accolade is making it easier than ever to find doctors who are best suited to each employee’s specific healthcare needs.

August 26, 2020 | 3 min read

Does this doctor take my insurance plan?

Are they seeing new patients?

Can I get to their office easily?

These are just a few of the many questions that confront patients and their family members when they’re looking for a new healthcare provider. And they don’t even touch on some of the next level questions, like whether a specialist has experience in the procedure a patient needs or speaks the language they’re most comfortable with.

These challenges are what drove Accolade’s latest technology tools – Find Care and Provider Experience Ratings. These services combine innovative analytical tools, mountains of data about healthcare providers from across the U.S., and personalized advocacy from Accolade healthcare professionals who understand what individuals looking for a doctor need so that they can help those individuals find doctors matched to their care needs.

Find Care makes it easy for members to identify doctors in their area by their name, specialty, and most common type of visit. Those results can be filtered even more by letting patients search for doctors of a particular gender, or who speak a given language, factors that members have told us make a big difference in their level of comfort with a healthcare provider.

While these are all important qualities in finding a healthcare provider, they’re far from the only things that matter to patients – experience and results mean a lot too. To help members find healthcare providers in the area with the exact experience they’re looking for, Accolade has leveraged data from billions of claims submitted by more than 250 million individuals to power the new Provider Experience Ratings tool.

Provider Experience Ratings offer granular insight on the specializations of doctors from coast to coast and their experience successfully performing specific procedures, letting Accolade Health Assistants® and nurses help members find the physician most suited to their care. Rather than just looking for an ENT, for instance, members can easily search for and find ENTs who have relevant experience treating the specific ailment they’re looking to address. They can also compare that experience to other potential ENTs and consult with an Accolade nurse to understand the clinical factors that they should consider in choosing a provider. This allows Accolade members to make a more informed choice about which provider is right for them.

While these new data-driven tools give Accolade’s frontline care team powerful new tools to support members in finding and selecting their best healthcare fit, they’re just the start. Later this fall, the same comprehensive data and innovative analytics will power Accolade’s Cost Transparency tool. Set to debut in fall 2020, Cost Transparency will provide members with an estimated price range for a procedure from a given provider, based on previous claims that the provider has submitted. To provide even more context, Accolade’s Cost Transparency tool will also allow members to compare that estimated cost range against similar providers in their area to understand if it’s a fair price.

To learn more about how Accolade’s technology and people are making it easier for members to find the right healthcare provider for their needs, schedule a demo today!

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