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Accolade impact by the numbers

March 11, 2021 | 2 min read

When it comes to Accolade’s impact in keeping healthcare costs for employers down, our people make all the difference. Technology helps inform what our team does, but the nurses, pharmacists, doctors and care advocates that interact with Accolade members every day get to know our members as people, not patients. That personal advocacy makes everything we do possible, and you can hear from members how it has improved every aspect of their journey through the complicated U.S. healthcare system. 

But people stories don’t drive all of the decision-making for our partners—we know they also need facts, figures and cold, hard data to make the calls about what’s best for their teams and their organizations. That’s why this year, we’re coming to the table with more concrete facts and figures about how Accolade services impact our customers, from their employees’ well-being to their bottom lines.

In our latest video series, Donna Snow, Accolade’s VP of clinical operations, highlights four figures that show how Accolade services can improve member health and well-being while helping control healthcare spending for their employers.

12% - That’s how much (on average) that employers using Accolade were able to save in healthcare spending on members with chronic conditions.

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13% - The average number by which Accolade increases employee utilization of preventive care services, including primary care visits that can catch health issues early, before they become more expensive to treat.

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14.4% - That’s how much Accolade customers save on healthcare for members living with two or more chronic conditions. Since these individuals tend to be so-called ‘high-cost claimants,’ Accolade’s personal advocacy model is particularly impactful in ensuring they’re getting the right healthcare when they need it. 

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10% - The rate at which average mental healthcare costs rise for employers annually—about double the rate for other healthcare costs. That’s why Accolade engages with members proactively, directing them to resources like Employee Assistance Programs and providing alternative means of behavioral health support to many members before a claim is even filed.

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Looking for even more data on how Accolade can improve employee health outcomes while keeping a lid on healthcare spending? You can check out the results of a recent study from the independent consultants at Aon, which details how Accolade customers contained healthcare costs in their first year, and saw that containment sustainably carried forward into their second year with Accolade.

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