May 6, 2020

Accolade Honored with Two Awards

By Rob Cavanaugh, President, Accolade

Accolade Recognized for Excellence in Culture and Service Categories by Inc. Magazine and Business Intelligence Group. Here’s Why…

Working at Accolade is a pleasure and there’s well-researched science that shows job satisfaction often comes from a sweet-spot combination of challenging work and applying skills every day. The ability to be motivated and interested in the work, blended with the confidence that comes in using your skills in meaningful ways leads to the right environment. Accolade has been recognized as an exceptional environment by multiple publications and the people who work here. And we’re thrilled and honored to accept two more accolades (if you will) for the work we’re doing as a place for people to work (and thrive!) and in the service we deliver our members and customers every day.

Thank you to Inc. Magazine and Business Intelligence Magazine for awards as “Top Place to Work” and “Excellence in Customer Service,” respectively. It feels great to be recognized for the things we do every day, and for the environment our employees have created.



I am passionate about the work I get to do every day with my colleagues, helping people make the best decisions about their healthcare and well-being. Decisions that lead to better health outcomes and greater satisfaction with their benefits. We know we have an important role to play in people’s lives – especially now during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is a time we will all remember. We’ll remember how we had to alter our lives to shelter in place. We’ll remember those around us who kept us focused, productive and safe. And we’ll certainly remember how important it is – if we were lucky enough – to have access to good quality healthcare.

Without hesitation, Accolade made the decision to move our entire workforce to work from home. Thankfully, we had the insight to develop a technology and operations structure years ago that would enable us to do this. We felt, for the safety of our employees and their families, that we absolutely had to, and it needed to happen quickly. There was the physical aspect of getting everyone set up remotely, and there was the mental and emotional elements as well. We had to make sure our employees felt connected to their teams and our members and customers, while continuing to do great work and be present of mind. We had to make sure our Health Assistants and Nurses had everything they needed at home to support our 1.5 million members with the same compassionate service level.

The Accolade teams came together, albeit remotely, and the focus, attitude and tenacity of every person at the company moved us forward during a very challenging time. I could not be prouder of the work we’ve done here at Accolade even when challenges such as Covid-19 try to disrupt us. We have an incredible culture at Accolade and a trying time has made us stronger now than ever before. We’re overjoyed that others recognize our ability and strength.

It is an honor to be recognized for great achievements, such as our selection as one of Inc. Magazine’s Best Places to Work for 2020 . Our employees across our five offices, Seattle, Plymouth Meeting, Scottsdale, Santa Monica and Prague all contribute to creating a great culture and making Accolade a place where people are excited to work. Thousands of companies apply for this coveted award and it is because of our incredible employees that care so deeply about creating better healthcare experiences for our customers, their employees and their families that we are recognized this year.

Another honor we proudly accept is from the Business Intelligence Group as a “2020 Excellence in Customer Service” winner. Our Health Assistants, nurses, behavioral health clinicians, doctors and specialists are often the first call from a member. Our dedicated team engages members early and often in their health and benefits, helps them with any question or need to get them on their best path to health – with compassionate, trusted guidance at every step. Our services team works magic for families, and we’re thrilled that independent industry professionals recognize their winning ways