February 4, 2019

Accolade CEO Raj Singh Recognized for Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

By Samantha Steinwinder


When your emotional intelligence level is off the charts, your team is empowered to achieve success. When you believe authenticity is the elemental foundation of leadership, there are no boundaries for innovative thinkers. And when you love what you do, people take notice.

I believe I speak for our entire Accolade team that this describes our CEO Raj Singh. And, I'm thrilled to share that Raj's outstanding leadership, innovation and entrepreneurial savvy have been recognized outside the company with two new prestigious awards. While congratulations go to Raj, knowing him, he'll send credit back to his full Accolade team for these two awards.

First, Raj was selected among the innovators and entrepreneurs from multiple industries recognized by Goldman Sachs Building + Innovators Summit as the class of “100 most intriguing entrepreneurs of 2018.”


“A dynamic economy depends on dynamic entrepreneurs who disrupt industries and occasionally give birth to entirely new sectors. The purpose of Builders + Innovators is to support emerging leaders in their quests to innovate faster in order to grow their ideas. We are pleased to recognize Accolade CEO Raj Singh as one of the most intriguing entrepreneurs of 2018.” - David M. Solomon, Chief Executive Officer of Goldman Sachs

Raj also was presented with one of the Pacific Northwest's most prestigious business leadership honors, the 2018 Executive Excellence Award presented by Seattle Business magazine. He was humbled by the award and shared a great sentiment during the event:

“Some of the greatest leaders and companies in the Seattle area are being honored with this award tonight. We need to dig in with our employees. Our teams are working hard for us. Let's dig in on what they need from us to be successful — not just in work, but in life.”


Raj took a bold career step from the cloud-based travel management expense arena into the world of healthcare when he assumed leadership of Accolade in November 2015. Based on a culture of trust, inclusion and self-empowerment, Raj has led our 1,000+ team of engineers, technologists, healthcare professionals, marketers and others designing and building an innovative people-plus-technology platform and solution that is successfully addressing the rising costs of employer healthcare by making the system easier and more elegant for consumers to navigate.

When you love what you do, people take notice! Thanks to Seattle Business Magazine and Goldman Sachs for deservedly recognizing our CEO Raj Singh.