May 8, 2020

Your Top 5 Covid Questions Answered

By Diane Guerts

We compiled the Top 5 COVID-19 Questions we’ve received from Accolade members to date, and had Holly H., RN, answer them in the video below.

“This can be a very stressful time,” Holly said, “and my colleagues and I are glad we can help members through it. We guide people all over the country to the healthcare that’s right for them, and we follow-up to make sure they’re doing okay and are following COVID-19 protocols if they have to self-isolate.”

Top 5 COVID-19 Questions

  1. Should I get tested and if so, how do I get tested?
  2. Where can I get tested?
  3. When and where can I get antibody testing and how is it covered?
  4. I’ve been exposed, but have no symptoms. Do I need to quarantine?
  5. Can I get COVID-19 again?

"We’re updating our information and guidance on a regular basis for COVID-19 as the medical community is learning more about the virus,” said Dr. Carmen Hill-Mekoba DNP, APRN-BC, VP of Clinical and Service Delivery at Accolade. “Helping our members stay healthy is always our primary goal, and right now, keeping them informed of today’s best practices is a big part of that."

If you’re an employer who is interested in learning more about Accolade and its COVID-19 solution, reach out to [email protected]

* Accolade does not practice medicine or provide patient care. We are an independent resource to support and assist you as you use the healthcare system and receive medical care from your own doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals. If you have a medical emergency, please contact 911 immediately.