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Accolade closes on acquisition of 2nd.MD: A note from our CEO, Rajeev Singh

March 04, 2021 | 3 min read

Today, Accolade closed on its acquisition of 2nd.MD, the industry-leader in providing expert medical opinions. This important milestone brings both companies closer to fulfilling our collective vision of helping every person live their healthiest life. This is a lofty goal, particularly in a system as broken as the American healthcare system. But it’s one I know all of us are committed to achieving.

Bringing 2nd.MD into the Accolade family is one more step forward for our customers and their employees and their families. Together our combined companies engage members early and often, getting them to the right care at the right time. Whether they have chronic issues or need support with preventive care, we reach out and get to know them not just as patients, but as people. Everything we do centers around our members. We dive into our data to find the right doctor for them (Intelligent Provider Matching) and help them navigate their health insurance benefits. Our people – nurses, doctors, pharmacists and behavioral health specialists – become their support system for all their healthcare needs, large and small. And bringing 2nd.MD into the fold means we’ll be able to support members more effectively than ever. 

Together, we’ll be able to identify the need for an expert medical opinion when the member needs it- every time, further helping members improve health outcomes and reducing spend for their employers. 2nd.MD reports that 85% of consultations lead to an improved treatment plan and 35% result in an alternative diagnosis, while 1 in 3 surgery-related consultations result in the member canceling surgery to pursue a more conservative treatment option. Simply put, 2nd.MD is highly effective at driving waste out of the healthcare system by making sure members get the care that’s the best fit for them.

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Combining those results with the personalized advocacy and healthcare navigation services that Accolade is known for makes for something unmatched in our field. Our customers already know that Accolade helps control costs and improve healthcare outcomes by helping members find the most appropriate healthcare from a provider who’s the best fit for them. 

Because the vast majority of healthcare spending in the U.S. is directed to specialist providers, ensuring our members get the right specialist care is absolutely key. By leveraging the tools and expertise 2nd.MD brings, Accolade will do more than just help members find the right care for them – we’ll be able to first ensure that they are actually seeking the most appropriate and effective healthcare for their needs. By adding timely virtual consultations with experts at the top of their field to Accolade’s suite of services, we will guide members to the right care for their needs with unprecedented confidence.

At Accolade, we’re moving toward our vision of helping every person live their healthiest life one step at a time. We will continue to partner, build products, and acquire companies to help us see our vision become a reality. We’re thrilled to welcome 2nd.MD to our family as the latest exciting and important step towards that goal. 

2nd.MD is a wholly owned subsidiary of Accolade. Read more about our clinical integration plan from Dr. Shantanu Nundy, Accolade’s chief medical officer. To learn more about how Accolade and 2nd.MD can help your company, with Expert Medical Opinion integrated into Accolade services or as standalone product, visit our Expert Medical Opinion page on our website.

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