August 28, 2017

A Short Q&A on Healthcare Innovation with Evolve 2017 Panelist Monika Roots, MD

By Accolade Marketing

Accolade is pleased to announce that Monika Roots, MD, will participate in the Healthcare Panel on Policy & Innovation at Evolve 2017 on Tuesday, September 12 in Seattle. Dr. Roots is the Vice President of Health Services and Senior Medical Director of Behavioral Health at Teladoc, the nation's leading provider of telehealth services. The panel convenes thought leaders at the forefront of healthcare policy and technology innovation in a discussion about adapting to current healthcare landscape under the new administration.

In anticipation of the panel discussion, we asked Dr. Roots to share a few thoughts about healthcare and innovation. 📷


What item can you not live without?

My smartphone, of course.

Innovation is a somewhat of a buzzword in healthcare. What does it mean to you?

Having spent time on both coasts and co-founding a start-up in Behavioral Health, I've seen and admittedly used this word in a variety of contexts. If you can get beyond the hype regarding the product, service, or entity and establish the real value proposition and why it works, you can determine the real innovation.

What is the biggest (or your favorite) technological disruption you've seen lately?

Everyone talks about AI (artificial intelligence), but I would take that further and broadly say computation. Basically, these new AI powered devices and services are available through better statistical and machine learning methods.

Healthcare has experienced a number of disruptions in the last 5 years. If engaging healthcare starts with the consumer first, what makes a great consumer experience?

A great consumer experience starts with making that person felt heard, and part of creating a personalized healthcare and treatment process.

Where do you see healthcare in the next five years?

Healthcare will be focused on personalized medicine and will start in the patient's environment. They will have the opportunity to monitor their own healthcare data, and through use of technology, it will lead them to potential care opportunities both virtually and in a brick and mortar setting.

If you could invent something right now, what would it be?

A time machine.


Don't miss Dr. Roots at the Healthcare Panel or a demonstration by Teladoc at the Innovation Happy Hour at Evolve 2017.

Evolve 2017 Evolve 2017 the first in Accolade's Healthcare Innovation Series, a regional event roadshow discussing the latest innovations to transform the healthcare experience for employees, members, payers, and plans.