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Discover 3 ways Enhanced Rx helps employers manage healthcare costs and empower their workforce

3 things to know about Enhanced Rx

November 08, 2023 | 1 min read

The cost of employee prescriptions is a necessary part of supporting a healthy workforce. Yet these expenses can balloon when people face common medication adherence barriers, such as feeling overwhelmed, lacking information, or struggling with affordability. This can lead to adverse drug events and negative outcomes that drive up costs. Accolade Enhanced Rx improves medication adherence and health experiences while decreasing adverse health events and cost per member.

Here are three ways Enhanced Rx helps you manage cost and empower employees.

  1. Increased medication adherence: One in four people take 4 or more medications. [1] Managing that many prescriptions can be overwhelming, putting people at risk of complications or adverse health events. Accolade identifies at-risk members, reaches out, and helps ensure they know when and how to take their medications.

  2. Pharmacist/Member consultations: When a member is at risk, our pharmacy team engages them in a one-on-one, holistic discussion. This includes a personalized medication review so our team can understand potential adherence barriers, answer member questions, and clarify the importance and purpose of a proper medication regimen.

  3. Sustainable healthcare trends: The strategic Enhanced Rx approach to medication management goes beyond addressing drug costs. It improves adherence and reduces adverse drug events. The result is healthier employees and a healthcare cost trendline that doesn’t need to be renegotiated like prescription prices.


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