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Better than corporate tax reductions: controlling the healthcare expense

If the goal is to increase U.S. competitiveness and put more money into the pockets of working families to stimulate growth, the most direct path might be found in employer healthcare – rather than corporate tax reform.

Is digital health dead? Or is it just getting started?

What would happen if all of these digital health solutions were instead connected – part of a larger, fully integrated healthcare ecosystem that revolves around the consumer?

A demand marketer’s dream job: promoting a life-changing healthcare advocacy solution

"We are spreading the word about something that can profoundly change or save lives. Who wouldn’t want to do this kind of work?" - Lyndi Thompson, Sr. Demand Marketing Manager

Employers and data: The key to improving the experience and cost of healthcare

Employers are incented, positioned and empowered to achieve a goal that the healthcare system has failed to achieve on its own: the timely, secure use of personal health data to optimize care for individuals.

More than Data: Protecting Healthcare Information

Personal health information is more than data, and this is something that we never lose sight of at Accolade.

Tina Moore Gilbert: Expanding the Possibilities of Inclusion and Diversity

“One of the reasons I took this job is because Accolade’s leadership strongly believes that Inclusion and Diversity is not just a business imperative for talent engagement and management. It is also a strategy that can help us address disparities in healthcare and disrupt the status quo."

Guiding growth and transformation through stories, conversation and humor: Thelma Haylock, new VP of Operations Transformation

As a follower of Malcolm Gladwell, Thelma describes Accolade as a company at a tipping point, a company perched on the edge of true greatness. “I’ve joined this company at the right time in its history, and I’m so excited to be part of this story,” she says.

Influencing employee behavior for better population health at lower cost

By establishing long-term relationships that not only engage people but empower them, we can influence their decisions and behavior over time. The result is happier, healthier, and more engaged employees – and materially lower healthcare cost trend for employers.

Relieving the stress of Open Enrollment for HR Benefits Leaders

Every year Accolade Health Assistants provide a relief valve for HR benefits teams, offering employees personalized support with no time constraints, only compassion.

A short Q&A on healthcare innovation with Evolve 2017 panelist Monika Roots, MD

Accolade is pleased to announce that Monika Roots, MD, VP of Health Services for Teladoc, will participate in the Evolve 2017 thought leadership panel on healthcare. In anticipation of the event, Dr. Roots shared a few thoughts on healthcare innovation in a brief Q&A.