For Today’s CTOs, Success Lies in Knowing Technology’s Limits and the Power of Personalization

In today’s value-driven landscape, healthcare CTOs must be well versed in both tech innovation and clinical health, skilled at finding new ways to apply data, science and technology to improve the deeply personal experience that is healthcare.

Competition Brings Us Closer: The Bond a Company Should Have

When we launched our internal Brand New Brand Campaign last October, we were jazzed by the participation level, creativity and company pride displayed. Via Instagram, over 140 employees submitted – some, multiple – entries showing their artistic interpretations of our new brand colors and logo.

6 Ways to Tackle Open Enrollment with Influence Principles

There’s a lot to learn from Dr. Robert Cialdini, whose Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion provides extraordinary insight into why people say “yes,” and how persuasion actually works.

Engaging for Health: Turning Questions into Opportunities for Consumer Health Engagement

Healthcare is personal — just because two patients share the same condition and have the same benefits does not mean their outcomes will be the same. There are a myriad of life factors that come into play when determining the best care plan for each individual, and no machine is more useful at determining that context than a human.

Confusing Populations With Individuals In Health Care

When the patient’s values and goals are paramount, cost often enters into the equation — it just isn’t the societal cost but the individual cost. Physicians today are not very good at assessing their patient’s goals, needs and values when they are outside of the purely clinical.

Breaking Down Barriers To Achieve Humanistic Care

Mary was able to access the skills of Accolade and the expert opinions of Grand Rounds, both of which are made possible by combining technology and humanism in a powerful way. She is now enjoying her life, free of the debilitating pain. She brought tears to everyone’ eyes as she expressed her love for her supportive husband and children who stood by her during that dark decade of pain.

Medicine, Politics And The Individual Patient In Need

Important life issues may have priority over pain, disease and treatment protocols for that patient. The starting point for all this must be asking the patient what her hopes and dreams really are as the most valid goals are the patient’s own.

Mayo Podcast: How To Navigate Health Care

"We all want to have the customer experience of walking into someplace like Cheers, where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came."

It’s the Little Things that Matter: Fighting Logistical Toxicity

The algorithms driving care were designed to prevent errors and theoretically improve care. However, from the patient’s point of view, all this created fragmentation and a movement towards “one-size fits all” medical and health benefits approaches with its associated depersonalization.

AmeriGas Drives Health Engagement, Lowers Costs Through a High-Tech, High-Touch Approach

What is the best predictor of healthcare costs? People. Without question, and with the data to support it, people are the best predictors of whether or not they’ll have healthcare costs down the road. This is why taking a personalized, holistic approach to healthcare management is so important -especially for employers.