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Helping Your Employees Be Better Healthcare Decision Makers

Your employees want to make good healthcare decisions. They just need help to do it. High-touch, high-tech healthcare advocacy can get them there, resulting in a better healthcare experience for them and improved financial outcomes for everyone.

Delivering innovative healthcare solutions to address an urgent need

"We all know how it feels to be in a stressful situation and desperate for good answers. Our new mobile app makes that possible, and it feels really good, at the end of every day, to be part of creating something like that.”

Announcing the Maya Intelligence Engine – Personalizing the Healthcare Experience with Data and AI

With an incredibly rich data set, Maya provides highly personalized healthcare recommendations to our Health Assistants as they provide support to a member, as well as to members directly as they interact with Accolade via the web or mobile app.

A unique opportunity to make a difference through listening and long-term relationships

"I could have only done this at Accolade, where long-term relationships are encouraged and we’re given the time and the room to keep trying until a good solution is found," says Glenn Oczkowski, Clinical Steward in Behavioral Health, Accolade.

Employers Have Something to Learn from Retail: The Importance of Personalization

Any employer managing a health benefits program for 500 or more employees should heed the lesson learned by retailers the hard way: personalization is key. If you want to compete, you need to treat your employees as consumers – or perhaps even your best customers - and tend to their individual needs.

Finding the perfect career match

Sometimes the perfect career opportunity falls into place when you take a gamble. Accolade Solutions Manager Ardie Sameti shares his story.

A simpler, better experience for employers and employees

Accolade and Sedgwick have come together to help employees overcome the challenges of unexpected events. We’re combining Sedgwick’s expertise with Accolade’s dedicated, compassionate Health Assistants and advanced technology platform.

Conversations with Comcast and Temple University Health System about Empowering Employees to Get the Right Care

In the absence of personalized support, consumers—confused by myriad options, plans, and approaches—waste an estimated 30 to 40% of healthcare spend each year.

Stages of Change: a Framework to Improve Individual and Population Health

Stages of Change, a progressive behavioral adaptation model first introduced 40 years ago, is proving a powerful framework in today’s complicated world.

Accolade and AmeriGas to Present on Smart Engagement Platform Benefits at NBGH Business Health Agenda 2017

Accolade and AmeriGas to Present on Smart Engagement Platform Benefits at NBGH Business Health Agenda 2017 With more than 9,000 employees in 850 locations, AmeriGas is laser focused on providing […]