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March 25 2020

Accolade and PlushCare Partner to Support Employees and Families during the COVID-19 Pandemic with Virtual Primary Care and Local Test Referrals

March 16 2020

COVID-19 At Home Self-Diagnosis

The coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19, is gripping the world’s attention, causing swift action in an attempt to further reduce its spread. In the United States, most medical and disaster response experts agree that the lack of access to testing is challenging our ability to respond.

February 6 2020

Bringing Personalized Healthcare and Benefits Support to Military Families – Welcome DHA!

January 30 2020

Improving Your Benefits Communication Can Lead to Happier Employees

HR professionals need to promote details about their health and benefits programs, and they need to do it in a way that stands out to a wide audience.

October 28 2019

The Accolade Partner Ecosystem: Best-in-class Partners for Better Health and Better Business

Any company working to improve healthcare outcomes, costs and experiences knows that you can’t do it alone. Building an ecosystem means building a platform of partnerships that create value for people, and success for all companies involved. But it takes a lot more than a signed contract. To create and deliver a meaningful partner ecosystem, the member’s health and experience must be central in the business equation.

October 24 2019

From Engagement to Influence: Overcoming Employee Health and Benefit Challenges

After 10+ years serving employers and their people, we’ve learned that the only way to deliver not just a simpler experience but a meaningful one—to help people not only engage but make the best decisions—is through humans and technology working in lockstep. It’s a people plus technology model that supports every individual and family in a deeply personal way—reaching, engaging and influencing them at the right time—in two-thirds of cases, that’s before they’ve entered the healthcare system.

August 15 2019

Accolade's Jen Boberick, MSN: Born to Help Mothers and Babies Get the Best Start

Recently, Jen says, a mother in her 32nd week of pregnancy learned that she had high-blood pressure, and that this might affect the delivery of her child. “She confessed that once the doctor had delivered the blood-pressure news, she hardly heard or processed anything else,” Jen recalls. “I was able to walk this client through what might happen next, what medications might be prescribed, how those medications might make her feel or affect the baby. I was able to help her, too, form the questions she should ask during her next doctor visit.”

August 4 2019

Accolade Total Care: High-Quality, Coordinated Care for Every Person, Every Time

Through the acquisition of MD Insider, we are bringing an unmatched set of provider quality data and data science into the Accolade portfolio of personalized advocacy solutions. It means we’re combining what we already do best – building trusted relationships, engaging people in their health, supporting them in a personalized way, influencing their decisions, and coordinating care – with unmatched intelligence about the performance and cost of physicians and providers across the country. The result is better care and outcomes for each person, every time.

July 18 2019

How Technology Can Empower HR and Boost Benefits Programs

The process of designing a company’s total rewards strategy never stops. Unsurprisingly, technology platforms are helping to bridge a gap that hasn’t previously been achieved.

July 10 2019

Gratitude and Joy in Helping People Overcome Behavioral Health Challenges

"When you hear the stories I hear—about a former heroin addict now marking a full clean year or about an individual with bipolar disorder at long last reunited with his family—the only real response to it all is gratitude and joy.”