Elizabeth Napolitano

“We’re about genuine support, which means that we go to amazing lengths for our clients—and each other.”

As Executive Vice President of People & Culture, Elizabeth Napolitano plays a key role in shaping our employee experience across Accolade and ensuring we attract, develop, retain and engage our talent.

“A supportive work environment enables us each to do our best work every day to support our clients and customers. In my role, I’m able to lead the charge to ensure that a supportive culture is maintained and on ‘Making Accolade the best place to work,’” said Elizabeth.

Prior to moving into her People & Culture role, Elizabeth served as the Executive Vice President of Operations and Client Experience, tasked with making certain that our Accolade Health Assistants had the training, coaching, tools and support needed to answer people’s questions and get the care that’s right for them.

“We view patients as people. Often they’re hurting, confused, scared or frustrated,” Elizabeth said. “But they’re never defined by their medical issues. Our Health Assistants honor that, and support each other in our mission.”

Before she joined Accolade, Elizabeth’s career focused on building and providing a world-class consumer experience to premium brands and their customers. She was general manager & VP of Client Experience at Circles and, prior to that, area director for The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company.

Elizabeth has a bachelor’s degree in American Government from Georgetown University.

Inspired by beautiful places and interesting people (just like Accolade!), Elizabeth loves to travel. At home, her children Andrew, Katherine and Caroline revel in the Red Sox culture along with their family cats, Bo and Sox.