It all starts with “real” engagement.

Real engagement means we really get to know people, personally, which leads to trust. And it works. We effectively engage and influence consumers by elevating the health and well-being of the entire employee and member populations — not just the sickest 5%. And we do it by communicating the way they want to — through phone calls, online or via our mobile app.

We engage MORE families

70% of the total eligible population
5-10x greater than conventional solutions

We engage EARLY

2/3 of the time before people enter the healthcare system and incur costs

We engage OFTEN

5 contacts annually for the healthiest populations, on average
24 contacts annually for those with the most significant health needs
2/3 of engagement is outbound

We engage with PROVIDERS, too

70% of our clinical cases include direct involvement with providers

Trust. Engagement. Influence. It’s a powerful model.

Eliminating significant overuse, underuse and misuse of healthcare begins with knowing how to influence behavior. Our blend of trusted relationships with deep health insights helps us engage and support individuals like no one else.

  1. One person. For all things healthcare.
    We provide a consistent member experience by delivering one dedicated resource — an Accolade Health Assistant — for the duration of relationship.
  2. We look at the ‘whole’ person.
    We address life, behavioral and medical issues — not just the condition. We leverage claims data and other health information and then supplement it with the information learned through our interactions. This helps us understand life issues and their impact on care decisions.
  3. Trust. It’s our cornerstone.
    Trust is the foundation of our engagement model. Our calls are unscripted and not timed. We spend as long as we need to so we can do what’s right for members, every time.
  4. Science-based approach.
    Accolade’s proprietary people science model, grounded in clinical and behavioral sciences, enables our Health Assistants to address holistic care needs and uncover the contextual and emotional barriers that impact optimal healthcare decisions.
  5. We reach the entire population.
    To address care costs and consumption, we engage as much of the population as possible — 70% of families representing 90% of medical claims spending.
  6. Data powers our proactive engagement.
    We apply analytics and advanced algorithms to identify red flags, spending patterns, gaps in care and other trends — all of which bring opportunities for additional contact and meaningful conversations.

Relationships. Supported by behavioral science.

To build relationships and uncover needs or areas for influence, we apply principles of behavioral science. Our professional Health Assistants are extensively trained to listen and support the member to engage and build a relationship.

At the same time, we gather information from both the member and our technology tools which is used to help educate, motivate and empower people to make the right care decisions.


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