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Work that matters.

We start every day inspired by the possibility of revolutionizing the healthcare industry. From highly personalized member support and care plans to developing sophisticated technologies that help deliver industry-leading results for our customers, we’re at the forefront of sweeping change and innovation. Across the organization, every person — every role — contributes to advancing our mission of delivering a better healthcare experience for all Americans. It’s this purpose-driven work that attracts smart, caring and passionate professionals to our team.

Work that’s challenging.

Driving real change means we need to look at every obstacle as an opportunity. And be relentless in our pursuit of finding solutions. Our fearless teams collaborate, ideate and take risks — together. Successes — both big and small — are recognized and celebrated. We’ve got big plans that bring significant opportunity to advance within the organization, opening up many different career paths. This is your chance to help realize Accolade’s enormous potential. And yours.

Work that’s fulfilling.

We don’t just deliver a great healthcare service. We improve lives, change lives…even save lives. To do that, we hire people who bring both passion and compassion, who are both purpose-driven and results-driven. Our culture is built around doing the right thing. For our clients. For each other. For our community. The result? Every week, we receive hundreds of compliments from the individuals we’ve helped…and whose lives we’ve transformed. Along the way, we have fun with each other, from pajama days and pizza parties to happy hours and scavenger hunts. And we extend this sense of purpose beyond the members and customers we serve, taking time off to help our community and the charities we’re passionate about.

Work defined by redefining everything.

Who are we? We are a team that wants to make a difference. In someone’s day. Someone’s life. The world. This can be felt in the relationships we build with our clients and in the innovations we bring to healthcare. You won’t find egos or office walls here. Just people who believe in honesty, doing the right thing for our clients and each other and having fun. We aren’t afraid to think big, bigger than big. It’s how we’re transforming healthcare. One person at a time. Our Accodacious culture can be summed up by:
• We find joy and purpose in serving others.
• We’re boldly and relentlessly reinventing healthcare.
• We’re strong individually and together, we’re powerful.
• We roll up our sleeves and get stuff done.

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