Where compassion meets science and technology.

Healthcare is highly personal, with many factors — emotions, knowledge, finances, social support and more — that make getting the right care a real challenge. That’s why we’ve transformed the costly, complex and fragmented world of healthcare to create one consumer-focused service that simplifies decision-making, creates healthier and happier consumers, and lowers costs. 

One place to go. 

With Accolade, consumers have one point of contact. A dedicated and on-demand personal Health Assistant to support all of their healthcare needs — whether it’s finding a specialist, interpreting a bill or figuring out which treatment option to pursue. There are no limits on the time we take to get to know clients, and because we remain with them throughout every phase of care, we’re able to build trust and effectively influence decisions. 

Standout results


of the eligible population


consumer satisfaction


medical cost savings

A proactive, multi-channel approach.

We proactively engage with 70 percent of the eligible population, typically two-thirds of the time before a care event. Health Assistants take time to listen, ask questions, look for potential barriers to care or additional health concerns, and work on our clients’ behalf to resolve any health- or benefits-related question. They are unscripted, untimed and unwavering in their desire to help clients lead healthier lives and get the right care — an independent, trusted connection.

For our clients this translates into an essential benefit that’s earned 98% satisfaction and a healthcare experience that’s refreshingly different than anything they’ve ever known. Whether by phone, web portal or mobile app, our clients know they always have a convenient way to directly communicate with their personal Health Assistant – whether they reach out to us, or if we reach out to them. Eighty eight percent of initial calls come from clients, but two-thirds of ongoing contact comes from Accolade Health Assistants. 

Individualized. Personalized. Better.

Accolade’s personal approach is enabled by a breakthrough technology platform that’s unprecedented in scale and scope. The platform underpins Health Assistant-client interactions and helps us identify opportunities for guiding individuals to the right care — and getting to better health outcomes that prevent potential future care needs. It also powers dramatic cost savings — typically greater than 10% of medical spend.

Every night, 150+ claims feeds from health plans, benefit administrators and pharmacy benefits managers flow into the decision support system used by every Health Assistant. This rich information provides a holistic, 360-degree view of every family member, covering information ranging from benefits and claims eligibility to medical conditions, medications and motivators. The platform integrates the Healthwise® gold-standard clinical knowledge database, enabling consistent, evidence-based guidance.

Engaging consumers across multiple channels and modalities.

Whether by phone, web portal or mobile app, our clients know they always have a convenient way to communicate with their Health Assistant and access their latest benefits information. We’re continually innovating and investing in new channels to drive meaningful, early and frequent engagement with the individuals we serve.

Health Assistants share how we deliver an exceptional consumer experience: 


Behavioral Lead Clinical Health Assistant

"Accolade has two rules: Take care of your clients and take care of each other. And it isn’t lip service. It’s truly what we do here."


Clinical Steward

“Everyone here has the same goal, the same vision, the same passion. We want to dig in and we want to help people. We want to solve problems. We want to take things and make them better – whether it’s inside the walls of Accolade or for healthcare across the country.”



"I talk to my clients the same way I would talk to a friend or my mom. I truly get to know them, and they get to know me. They know they can depend on me to help them make the right decisions and provide them with healthcare options."