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What Our Clients Are Saying

From my personal Accolade [Health Assistant] to the on-staff nurses — they were great to work with and so helpful in guiding me to find in-network health care options. I felt so confident because they took the time to explain them and make sure I was prepared before every stepping into the doctor's office! Accolade goes a long way in helping me feel supported by a network, instead of navigating the world of healthcare on my own. Thanks for the great work!

Thanks for all the support and the help you gladly provide to us; it makes a world of difference!

I am extremely impressed. I've been telling all my co-workers. This is the best thing that [my employer] could have ever done.

I think this is the best service any company has ever had. It has saved me many times when I could not do for myself. Thank you very much for the service rendered to me

Overexceeded my expectations. I don't often share feedback, but I have to tell you this was positively a great experience. [My health assistant] was fantastic and did everything she promised. FANTASTIC!

These folks are wonderful, and extremely helpful. Don't know what I would do without them! [My health assistant] is fabulous!

I felt like I was talking to family member. I felt like I could trust [my health assistant]. She gave me several different options ... She is an asset to Accolade.

Excellent!! Our representative went above and beyond in assisting me and my family with my recent needs. We do not know how we would have managed if it was not for her assistance. Friends and family are amazed when I tell them about this service we have as an employee benefit.

Accolade is the best. I really appreciate the service. Don't know what I would have done without the assistance. Thank you. Please give my Accolade nurse a raise -- she is so passionate and knowledgeable. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!

[My health assistant] at Accolade was superb. He helped me for almost 2 years through the toughest period in my life. Comforting to know that you can really count on someone.

My experience has been outstanding. [My health assistant] educated me and was able to provide me with helpful information when I didn't even know where to start.

I love it that I can call and have ALL my questions answered and my Accolade rep is genuinely interested in my family’s well-being and takes an interest in us as people. Top-notch customer service!!

I felt less like a number and more like a person. I really like the staff and feel cared about when talking with them.

My Accolade representative has been my lifesaver in 2013. [My health assistant] not only informed [me] about the insurance coverage, but has been instrumental in walking me through the upcoming procedures that I'm facing and what questions need to be asked and why. She truly has eased my mind, built confidence in the process and helped make a difficult process bearable.

I am very happy with all the help I have received by my assistant. As well as the follow up call I get from my nurse!! You all make this so much easier to deal with!!!

I LOVE my Accolade representative. She has helped me out of some complicated dr/ins things, plus provides advice on how to proceed with medical situations that I'm not sure how to start. And she asks me in general how I am. In my house we call her the miracle worker! I am grateful to [my employer] that they provide this Accolade service.

I consider Accolade to be one of the most valuable benefits offered to me by [my employer]. Every time I have used it I have come away completely satisfied.

Awesome service and so thankful to have my lady on my side! She's been so helpful in teaching me how to navigate the system and in finding great providers in my area. She's very nice to interact with and produces results when she promises them. Thank you.

I cannot say enough about [my health assistant]. From day one she held my hand and walked me through everything I needed to be walked through and the situation I had at hand. I was NEVER ALONE, she was there every step.

I really appreciate how they answer the phone quickly and you don't have to push several buttons before reaching a human … Also, so far, the people I've reached are very pleasant, even when I call at the end of the day.

Good conversation - not a lot of medical jargon. All of my questions answered fully.

Every employee of Accolade I've interacted with has been very professional but personable at the same time. I feel like a person and that my needs matter, big or small. Having a personal agent and an RN that can answer any and all of my questions is extremely valuable. I recommend that everyone use these services.

[My health assistant] is a real blessing to our family.

My nurse is awesome and is always willing to help and very kind. I finally feel like someone in the field of medicine is there for me and willing to help. I'm no longer scared to ask questions of doctors or make suggestions. Even my mom thinks this program is great. Thank you all!

I was completely surprised by the fantastic service. My health assistant was professional and helped me understand the health care necessary for my son. She followed up with me and has been available whenever I have questions. I really appreciate the one-to-one contact and would absolutely recommend Accolade to anyone.

When I called in to Accolade my experience with [my health assistant] was that she was very knowledgeable, taking every step and went beyond to help me!!! I was so happy to get someone who took the time to listen and cared! She offered to call me back and she did and she is an awesome employee!!! I appreciate her. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Very knowledgeable people, and very concerned about your well-being. One call was all it took and they were with me all the way during my sickness.

I would like to add how above and beyond the two health assistants helped me in so many aspects … You can say they saved my life.

I am just tickled by the extra attention I'm getting through Accolade's maternity care program. It's nice to know I can call someone with some of the millions of random questions a pregnant woman may have during her first pregnancy. It's a great resource!

I have been extremely pleased with the service my family and I have received from Accolade. My nurse has repeatedly gone above and beyond to assist me with anything I need. I deal with tremendous physical pain, and there are times when getting the information I need and going to the correct places has been a challenge to say the least, and she has been invaluable. My hope is that you continue on this path, because many will benefit from your hard work and dedication as a company!!!

Outstanding! They have REALLY encouraged me in getting healthier, and I look to them as someone that I am accountable to. I have lost 25 pounds so far, and am looking forward to losing another 50. I have short-term and long-term goals, of which accomplishing the short-term ones help me strive to accomplish the long-term ones. Because of my team I have started exercising every day, and so far I have surpassed my goal of 10 minutes per day and I also cook healthier for my husband and I.

[My health assistant] has been especially helpful in helping me get things sorted out through some secondary insurance as well as my own specialty pharmacy scripts. I would have been on the phone for hours had it not been for her. Thank you!

Every Accolade agent I have spoken to has been extremely helpful and when dealing with multiple agents, they all follow up with each other and keep me in the loop each step of the way. It's refreshing to deal with a company where team cooperation is just as important as customer satisfaction!

[My Clinical Health Assistant] is so WONDERFUL! Navigating insurance processes can be difficult, and having a “person” who is helping us through this pregnancy is so nice. Thank you!

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